Ekrem Alican

Başbakan Yardımcısı, Dışişleri Bakanı, Maliyeci, Milletvekili, Devlet Adamı, Siyasetçi

17 Haziran, 2000
Ankara University Faculty of Political Science

Financer, politician and statesman, deputy, minister, vice prime minister, founder of New Turkey Party. (B. 1916, Adapazari/ D-.June 17, 2000). He completed his secondary education at Istanbul Şişli Terakki High School. After graduating from Political Sciences Faculty (1937), he started to work at Ministry of Finance, General Directorate of Treasury.  He was sent to England. While he continued with his education at London School of Economics, he came back to Turkey due to war.  He was sent to London School of Economics. Upon returning to Turkey, he worked at Ministry of Finance and became the Adapazari Chamber of Industry and Commerce in 1958.

He was involved in politics in 1950 and was elected as Kocaeli deputy from Democrat Party (1950). After 1954 elections, he gained attention because of his criticism of DP's economic policies; he had conflict with the party leaders. He also had conflict with the party leaders on right of proof and he resigned from DP. he was among the founders of Freedom Party (FP) (1955) and continued with his political life.

His name was very strong in the period after May 27, 1960 Revolution. He stepped out of politics as HURPA was not developed. When President Cemal Gursel requested, he returned to political life as Minister of Finance. When the formation of political parties was allowed he has established the New Turkey Party (NTP) with his friends Prof. Cahit Talaş, Prof. Aydın Yalçın, Prof. Hikmet Belbez, İrfan Aksu, Raif Aybar and Esat Eğilmez. YTP entered into parliament in 1961 elections as the third political party. Alican became the State Minister and Vice Prime Minister in 1962 Second Coalition Government.

Alican resigned from his duty as minister, and the Coalition Government ended. In 1965 elections, he was elected as Sakarya deputy but his party only had a very small number. So, as he realized that his political party was ineffective he quit the party leadership in 1967 and politics in 1969. He died in Istanbul on June 17, 2000. He was buried in Adapazari. He was married and father of three children.

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