Efkan Ala

Bakan, Milletvekili, Devlet Adamı, Bürokrat, Siyasetçi

Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences

Politician, statesman. He was born in Oltu, Erzurum in 1965. After graduating from Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences (1987), he began with his district governorate internship. He worked as Sakarya Governorate cortege officer for two years and had a internal service training in England for one year; then he was the district governor in Dernekpazarı and Kabataş and vice governor in Tunceli.

He worked as Training Branch Director, Office Director of Provincial Administration in the Ministry of Internal Affairs; and as Education General Director and Consultant in the Ministry of Tourism. After being the Batman Governor, he was appointed as Diyarbakir Governor on September 14, 2004. He worked there for three years and became the Prime Minister Undersecretary on September 10, 2007. He was appointed as the Minister of Internal Affairs in 2013, as Muammer Guler has resigned. He was the Minister of Internal Affairs during the 61st and 62nd governments, although he was not a deputy. He became a member of parliament in June 7 and November 1, 2015 elections. He is married and father of two children.

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