Abdurrahim Ötkür

Bilim İnsanı, Siyasetçi

06 Ekim, 1995
Urumçi University

Scientist and man of politics (b. 1923, Kumul, Eastern Turkistan - d. 6 October 1995). He attended the Urumçi High School and graduated from Urumçi University and began to work as a teacher. In 1944, he was imprisoned by the Chinese government for he defended the independence of Eastern Turkistan. After his acquittal in 1947, he went to China to continue his struggle in front of the Chinese government and Chinese people. Here he initiated a national, political and democratic action with Mesut Sabri Baykuzu, Mehmed Emin Buğra and İsa Yusuf Alptekin. He published many works to call people of Easter Turkistan to the struggle for independence. In 1949, he was arrested after the invasion of Eastern Turkistan by the Chinese army and was kept in prison until 1970. He was met by the people in enthusiasm when he was released.

He served as the chairmen of the Eastern Turkistan Academy of Social Sciences, vice-chairman of Kudatgu Bilig Center for Research and as a member of Society of Research on the History of Central Asia and Institute of Research on National Literatures, member of the executive board of the Society of Writers, and as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Social Sciences. He highlighted the struggle for independence of the Turks in Eastern Turkistan in his works. He gave lectures on Knowledge of Turkish at universities and high schools, wrote articles and attended to conferences.


POETRY: Yürek Mungları (Trouble at Heart), Tarım Boyları (Borders of Agriculture, 1948), Kaşgar Gecesi (Night of Kaşgar, 1948), Ömür Menzilleri (Ranges of Life)


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