Gündüz Aktan

Diplomat, Devlet Adamı, Gazeteci, Siyasetçi, Yazar

07 Ağustos, 1941
19 Kasım, 2008
Ankara University Political Sciences Faculty
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Gündüz Suphi Aktan

Politician and statesman, diplomat, journalist-writer. (B.7August1941,Safranbolu/ Karabuk- D. November 19, 2008, Ankara). His full name is Gündüz Suphi Aktan. He is the son of Bekir Suphi Aktan who was an old governor. After he graduated from Ankara University Political Sciences Faculty (1962) he began to work in Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the coming years, he transferred to (1967) Foreign Affairs Ministry and continued his works on diplomacy. In 1988, he was assigned to Athens's Embassy, in 1991 assigned to United Nation’s Geneva Office as Ambassador. In 1995, he was assigned as Vice Under-secretary Responsible of General Political Affairs in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1996, he began to work in Tokyo Embassy. In 1998, he left his job in Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When Umit Özdağ was discharged from his duty, he was assigned as president of ASAM. He argued about Turkey to stand close to Russia, China and other eastern countries rather than EU. He was thinking that Turkey’s extremely liberal and democratic policies were damaging its economy. He was the defender of softer and less liberal policy.

He entered to the politics and elected as XXIII. Period Istanbul Congressman from NAP, worked in TGNA. He passed away because of his heart problem while he was under treatment in Ankara Akay Hospital in November 19, 2008. In November 20, 2008, after the ceremonies in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TGNA and after the religious ceremony in Kocatepe Mosque, his body was carried to Istanbul and was buried in to Büyükada City Cemetery. He was a member of editorial board of Uluslararası Hukuk ve Politika (UHP) quarterly magazine which was published by Turkey- UN Hybrid Parliament Commission and by International Strategical Researches Institution centred in Ankara.

His column writings were published in Radikal newspaper betwen the years 1998 and 2007. In 1989, he wrote a book on behalf of Turgut Özal titled “Turkey in Europe”. Aktan’s special research area was Armenian problem. He collected his writings in Radikal newspaper in a book titled “Açık Kriptolar” which was about Armenian problem.

REFERENCE: Türkiye Kültür ve Sanat 2009 Yıllığı (2009). 


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