Güler Sabancı

İş İnsanı

Boğaziçi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Business Administration Department

Business woman. She was born in 1955 in Adana. She is the daughter of İhsan Sabancı, who was the oldest of the six sons of Hacı Ömer Sabancı, founder of Sabancı Holding, and died in 1979, and Yüksel Sabancı. She is Sakıp Sabancı’s niece and a third generation member of Sabancı Family Corporation. Hacı Ömer Sabancı always caressed his granddaughter Güler with the words “My daughter will grow up; go to school, drive cars, wear trousers and will go to manufacturing plants…” Güler was the first daughter of Sabancı family. After completing her secondary education at TED Ankara College she wanted to continue her higher education in America. Güler was a mischievous, impish student spoilt by her grandfather. However, she had just recently lost her father at the time she was admitted to California University. Her uncles didn’t want her to be so far away from home, perhaps they were scared that she would not come back. She was enrolled to Business Administration Department at Boğaziçi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

University was a bridge that Güler Sabancı had to cross in order to move onto her working life. At the age of twenty one, after having worked for six years following her graduation from university she came to a point where she had to make an important decision. She was interested in painting and she loved to paint. Her art teacher was saying that she was very talented. Güler thought about it seriously at that time. She was either going to go on with her working life or she was going to put everything aside and become a painter. Güler Sabancı, decided to pursue her carrier. However, she has never put painting completely aside. She has always imagined herself as a painter and winemaker woman whenever she thought of her retirement days.

Güler Sabancı started her professional management life at Sabancı Lassa Tire Factory in Kocaeli. Afterwards, she worked at Kord-Sa’s Cord Fabric Industrial General Directorate for fourteen years. In the same period she took charge in establishment and management of many industry companies with foreign partners within the country and abroad. Güler Sabancı, who was lastly the Committee President of Sabancı Holding Tire and Reinforced Materials Group and Sabancı Human Resources, was elected to the board of directors once more after a three-year-long break. After her uncle Sakıp Sabancı’s death in 2004, she was assigned to Sabancı Holding Board of Directors as a result of the decision of her uncles Şevket Sabancı and Erol Sabancı to hand over the holding to the third generation.

Taking an active role in business life, Güler Sabancı has been serving as a Board Member of Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TÜSİAD). Güler Sabancı, who places importance on education and training activities as well and who is active in the academic field, is also the Director of Board of Trustees of Sabancı University, for which she was responsible in terms of the foundation works. Other than these tasks and duties, Güler Sabancı also takes a keen interest in cultural and artistic works and studies and is a Board Member of Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts. She produces wine under her special brand “Gülor”.

Güler Sabancı was shown as the eighth among the “Europe’s most powerful 30 women” by the “Financial Times” in 2004. In September 2009, the King of Spain Juan Carlos I gave Güler Sabancı the merit medal “Encomienda de Numero”, which is an important merit medal of Spain. In the same year, she was ranked fifth on the list of “World’s Top 50 Business Women” which was issued for the first time by the “Financial Times”. In the same year again, she was ranked eighth in the list of “World’s Top 50 Business Women” issued by “Forbes”. Once more in 2010, she was ranked seventh in the list of “World’s Top 50 Business Women” issued by “Forbes”.

Güler Sabancı draws attention with her success in human relations and with her authoritarian character. Güler Sabancı has also very positive international relations and has been very important in the establishment of a partnership between Sabancı Holding and the world giant Dupont. Güler Sabancı explained why she has not married yet in the book called 41 Kadın 41 Öykü İpek Dokulu Başarılar” (T.N. 41 Women 41 Stories Silk Woven Achievements), in which a big interview of her was published by saying “Freedom is very important for me. Furthermore I am the child of divorced parents.”

Güler Sabancı has the following business titles: Director of Board of Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding, Committee President of Sabancı Holding Inc Human Resources, Director of Board of Kordsa Inc, Board Member of Brisa Inc, Vice President of Board of Beksa Inc, Director of Board of Enerjisa Inc, Board Member of Sakosa Inc, Vice President of Board of Nile Kordsa Inc, Director of Sabancı University Board of Trustees.

Güler Sabancı is a member of TÜSİAD Board of Directors, Young Businessmen’s Association, Association of Beyoğlu Beautification and Conservation, Turkish Foundation of Cinema and Audio-visual Culture (TÜRSAK). Winery, grape growing, modern Turkish painting, playing tennis, dancing, charcoal drawing, gardening, flower growing are her areas of interest in particular.



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