Story and novel writer. She was born in Hasköy/Istanbul in 1947. She went to Nişantaşı High School for Girls for two years and she left without completing her education. After she worked as officer in Ziraat Bank for five years, she went to Germany. After 1973 she lived in Frankfurt city. She worked as mobile worker in a telephone company in this city for long years and got retired from this company.

After that Gönül Ozgül speared her whole time to her literature work. She tried to solve mystery and secret of number 208 in her life. Her stories were published in magazines such as Varlık, Türk Dili, Çağdaş Türk Dili.

“Reader can easily reconcile to the story characters that present parts from people’s lives living in Turkey or abroad, and feel like they feel their passions, separations, and loneliness.” (Nuray Özyer)

“In a verse, Mevlana said ‘I have seen such humans/they did not have clothes on them/ I have seen such clothes /they did not have human in them’. Gönül  Özgül also took people with such mentality and critiqued them.” (Muzaffer Uyguner)


SHORT STORY: Geminin En Altındaki (1991),

NOVEL: Lise Defterleri (1995), Lise Defterlerinden Sonra (1996), Lise Defterlerine Veda (2000), Dereiçi Sokağı (1995), Yetmiş Altıncı Kış (1998), Sevdalıydın (1999), Menekşe (2003), Sevgili Geçliğim (2005), Göz Yağmurları (2006).

NARRATIVE: En Kötü Anneyi Bile Ararsınız  (2002), December 1999 (2004).

REFERENCE: Aydın Yeşilyurt/ Hüznün Öyküleri (Milliyet, 3. 5. 1991), Vitrindekiler (Cumhuriyet Kitap, 3.6.1999), Muzaffer Uyguner / Bir Gençlik Aşkının Romanı: Sevdalıydın (Cumhuriyet Kitap, 18.11.1999).



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