Gökhan Özcan


19 Mart, 1965
Gazi University School of Press and Publishing Department of Journalism, Gazi University Public Affairs

Writer (b. 19 March 1965, İnegöl / Bursa). He attended primary, secondary and high schools in İnegöl and graduated from Gazi University, School of Press and Publishing, Department of Journalism and Public Affairs and started to work as an independent journalist. He participated in some documentaries and dramas such as Mimar Sinan (Mimar Sinan), Yunus Emre (Yunus Emre), Yayla Yollarında (On the Ways of Meadows) and Kırk Ambar (40 Granaries).

His short stories have been published in the review Albatros, which he published with some of his friends. He worked in the reviews Panel and İzlenim and wrote for a long time in his column “Ters Köşe” (the Cross Corner) in the newspaper Yeni Şafak. He published short stories for adults in the reviews Albatros, Birey, İkindi Yazıları, Ârâf, Yeni Dergi, Hece, Kaşgar, Atlılar and for children in the reviews Mavi Kuş and Kırmızı Bisiklet. He wrote the scenario of the TV film Havuçlu Pilav Meselesi (The Issue of the Rice with Carrot) and the scripts of the documentary named Yitik Zaman Peşinde (In Pursuit of the Lost Time). He won the Writers Union of Turkey’s Short Story Award in 1991 with his first work Hiçbişey (Nothing, 1991). He is still an editor-in-chief of the weekly review Gerçek Hayat. Also, he regularly writes in Sipesifik and Medyakronik.


SHORT STORY: Hiçbişey (Nothing, 1991), Altmışikiden Tavşan (Rabbit out of 62, children’s short stories, 1997).

ESSAY: Günlerin Gölgeleri (Shadows of the Days, 1997), Ruh Yordamı (The Procedure of the Soul, 1997).



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