Orhan Tekelioğlu

Yazar, Şair

11 Mart, 1958
Middle East Technical University Department of Sociology, Oslo University Department of Sociology

Poet and writer (b. 11 March 1958, Ankara). He graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Sociology and Oslo University, Department of Sociology (1990). He completed his doctorate in Middle East Technical University in 1993. He became an assistant professor at Bilkent University where he has worked at since 1990. He has been still an academician of the department of Politic Science and Public Administration in the same university. He worked at Ohio State University, Department of Near East Languages and Cultures thanks to program of changing the academician.

Tekelioğlu has a lot of articles in Turkish, English and Norwegian and announcements that he presented in a lot of international lecture. His writing and poem works were published in Varlık, Gösteri, Şiir Atı, Üç Çiçek, Toplum ve Bilim, Çalınt review in inside and different reviews in abroad.


POETRY: Kum Baladı (Ballad of Sand, 1987), Tablolar (Pictures, 1988), Boşluklar (Empties, 2004).

RESEARCH-STUDY: Michel Foucult ve Sosyolojisi (Michel Foucult and Sociology, 1999).




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