Radio-TV host. He was born in Istanbul in 1928. He has Caucasian origins. He is the son of Dr. Hikmet Bey, who attended the Sivas Congress as the delegate of Military Medical School. He graduated from Galatasaray High School (1946), and registered in Istanbul University, Faculty of Literature, and Department of Turcology.  Due to financial problems, he began to work in City Theatre. After the war, he worked as interpreter for a French group. The group has invited him to France and he did one year of internship in Les Mathurins Theatre, Paris. He started the stand-up tradition in Turkey with his show “Ayaküstü Gırgırı” in night clubs. He began to work as the assistant of Ekrem Reşit Rey at Istanbul Radio in 1949. He conducted spectacle publications and also worked as the production director (1949-1950). He worked in the Turkish section of BBC London for four years. He returned to Turkey upon letter sent by his close friend Şakir Eczacıbaşı. He directed movies and wrote humoristic articles. He became famous with his radio, stage and TV programs. He wrote in Dünya, Hürriyet and Milliyet newspapers. He published his memoirs as weekly articles in these newspapers. He compiled these memoirs in a book named Leyleğin Ömrü (1978).

“Orhan Boran has vocalized “Yuki” in the radio for long years; and the “Yuki” we imagined was exactly the same “Yuki” we have seen in the comics……The same “Yuki” we imagined….Really..”

“And….Forty years later when they asked us to describe in a few words as we had a chance to see him now, we have said what we imagined forty years ago: “Orhan Boran is a very good person!..” (Ali Kırca)

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