Orhan Arda

Mimar, Ressam

04 Temmuz, 2003
High Academy of Architecture (Istanbul Technical University)

Architect (B. 1911, İskeçe / Thessaloniki – D. 4 July 2003, Istanbul). He is one of two architects of Anıtkabir  (T.N. Atatürk’s tomb) together with Emin Onat. In 1936 he graduated from High Academy of Architecture (Istanbul Technical University). In 1938 he started to work as an assistant in the Department of Construction in the same academy. In 1939 he promoted to Associate Professor. Until 1954 he gave lessons of architecture together with Ord. Prof. Emin Onat and after this date on his own. 1954-55'te Almanya, İsviçre ve İtalya'da mesleki incelemelerde bulun­du. In 1954-55 he stayed in Germany, Switzerland and Italy for professional researches. In 1960 he became a professor in the Faculty of Architecture in Istanbul Technical University.

Arda participated to an international competition for Anıtkabir together with Emin Onat in 1942. Their design was selected in the first place among 49 other projects. Between the years 1944-52 he conducted organization of application projects during the construction of Anıtkabir and the control of the construction with Emin Onat. Arda also realized numerous residence designs and retired in 1981. On the 4th of July 2003 he died in Istanbul.








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