Nüzhet İslimyeli

Ressam, Yazar

06 Mart, 2005
Istanbul School of War

Painter, writer (B. 1913, Mudanya/Bursa – D. 6th March 2005, Ankara). Graduate of Işıklar Military High School and İstanbul School of War. He was the student of Cemal Nadir Güler, Mehmet Ali Laga, Celal Esad Arseven. He studied as the guest student in the workshop of İbrahim Çallı in the Academy of Fine Arts in 1933-34. He worked as an art teacher for a short time.

He held his first exhibition in 1949 in Erzurum where he was on duty. He devoted more time to the painting after he was retired with the rank of colonel in 1960. He joined the Association of Soldier Artists; he served as the director of this association. He published the Ankara Sanat Dergisi (T.N. Ankara Art Magazine) in 1966-1985. He held more than 120 Group Exhibitions where the five of them were abroad and thirty personal exhibitions.

His paintings in water color technique were improved in the frame of landscape and figure and in harmony with the classic-academic rules of the technique. He was careful to use pure and clean colors in these painting that had Ankara and its environment as the subject. The artist, who had a tachism style, is rather than considered as a watercolor painter. The artist, who was one of the founder members of the Watercolor Painters Association founded in 1970, was the president of this group continuously until his death.


Asker Ressamlar ve Ekoller  (1965), Sanat Terimleri Ansiklopedisi (1973), Türk Plastik Sanatçıları Ansiklopedisi (1971), Yaşam Öyküm (1999), Suluboya Resim Sanatı Tarihi (2009).


Nüzhet İslimyeli, portrait of himself

Nüzhet İslimyeli, painting



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