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Felsefeci, Tarihçi

Writer (b. 1889, İstanbul – d. 1980, Ankara). He studied physic, philosophy and music in Germany. He entered İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature (1934) as the assistant of Prof. Hans Reichenbach after returning to Turkey. He became a specialist at the Turkish Historical Society in 1937. He became an associate professor after passing external exams (1947). He was appointed to Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography as an academician and became a professor in 1954.

He taught philosophy at Ecole Normale Superiuer in Paris (1963) when he was one of the 147 academicians who had been dismissed from Turkish universities between 1960 and 1962. He returned to his post in 1968. He gave lectures at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, School of Press, at the Middle East Technical University and Hacettepe University as well as at Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography. He was elected as the Honorary Chairman by the Turkish Philosophical Society in 1979. His articles on philosophy and logic were published in the reviews such as Ant, Yaprak and Değişim. He won the Turkish Language Association Essay Award in 1977 with his book Felsefe Yazıları (Philosophy Writing).


Felsefe Yazıları (Philosophy Writing, 1976), Bilimin Işığında Felsefe (Philosophy in the Light of Science, by Füsun Akatlı, 1985), Geride Kalanlar (Ones That Stay at the Back, 1987).

REFERENCE: İhsan Işık / Resimli ve Metin Örnekli Türkiye Edebiyatçılar ve Kültür Adamları Ansiklopedisi (2006, 2007).





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