Nizamettin Nazif Tepedelenlioğlu


25 Mayıs, 1970
Naval War School

Writer (b. 1901, Taşöz Island – d. 25 May 1970, İstanbul). He began his primary and secondary education in Drama, but he completed his education in the foreign schools in İstanbul. He attended the Naval War School, the Faculty of Law, the Advanced Commerce School and Moscow University for a while. He began to work as a journalist in 1917 and continued in various newspapers until he died. After the siege of İstanbul by the English, he went to Anatolia and joined to the National Struggle.

After the war he worked at the Turkish Grand National Assembly and in the newspaper Hakimiyet-i Milliye. In the following years, he wrote in many newspapers and lastly in the newspaper Yeni İstanbul. He is buried in the Silivrikapı Graveyard near his grand-grandfather Tepedenlioğlu Ali Paşa. He is also known for his historical novels besides being a journalist


NOVEL: Kara Davut (Kara Davut, 1928), Kolkola (Linked Arms, 1944), Karlı Dağlar (Snowy Mountains, 1945), Deli Deryalı (Crazy Seaman, 2 volumes, 1928, new ed. 1971).

RESEARCH: Köroğlu (Köroğlu, 3 volumes), Battal Gazi (Battal Gazi, 2 vol.).




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