Writer of children's literature and translator (b. 1931, İzmir - d. 16 April 2020, Istanbul). He completed his master studies on pedagogy at New York University, on the scholarship of the Ministry of National Education. He was sent again to the USA by the Coca-Cola Export Corporation in 1963, where he specialized on marketing and management. He opened the Coca-Cola factories in İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa, Adana and Ankara. He worked as the vice-director of marketing in the Turyağ Company, and as the director general and the member of the executive board at the Çukurova Industries and Trade Corp. (Schweppes). On the other hand, he engaged in psychoanalysis, erotology, semantics, the therapy of Geschtalt, and eastern doctrines (Zen, Yoga, Taoism) after 1956. He directed the Söz Publication and Play Agency, which he founded, after 1983. In 1992, he became the coach of the Turkish brain team. He established the Turkish Club of Intelligence Games in 1995, and started activities of the World Puzzle Federation, being its representative to Turkey. His team ranked once third, two times fifth, once sixth and once eighth at the competitions between 1992 and 1996.

He published many publications as a professional translator. He translated Orhan Kemal’s 72. Koğuş (The 72nd Ward) into English, and James Joyce’s Ulysses into Turkish. He recited Ulysses in Turkish in 1998 in Dublin, during the Bloomsday activities of the James Joyce Centre. He received the De Publications Translation of Fairy Tales Award in 1984. He was appreciated by the president of Ireland in 1996 with a letter, for his translation of Ulysses, and was invited to Dublin by the James Joyce Centre. In 1996, he received the award of the translator of the year by the Turkish Association of Publishers, and in 1996 the translation award of “Those on Apex” by the review Nokta.

He is a member of the PEN Association of Writers, the Writers Syndicate of Turkey, the Turkish Club of Intelligence Games (founding president), the Turkish Brain Team (coach), the İzmir Alsancak Rotary Club (founder and the first vice-president), and the International James Joyce Foundation.


Arsadaki Çadır (The Tent in the Vacant Lot, children's novel), Mantık ve Matematik Oyunları 1, 2 (Games of Logic and Mathematics I, II, 2000), Apartman Aşkları (Loves in the Buildings, 2002).

Besides, he translated many works of the writers such as Louis Proto, Carlos Castaneda and James Joyce.

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