Divan Şairi

24 Haziran, 1599
Diğer İsimler
Yahya (asıl adı)

Poet (b. 1553, Malkara – d. 24 June 1599 İstanbul). His real name was Yahya. After completing his primary education with the lessons he received from his father, the spiritual guide Ali who was one of the Halveti sheiks, he came to İstanbul (1550) and was educated at Madrasah Muslim School. He worked as a teacher at Madrasah in Gelibolu and İstanbul (1572 -90).  He taught Prince Mustafa, the son of Murad III along with the other princes.  Being a famous scholar of the time, Nev'î wrote more than 30 works related to Sufism, Islamic Theology, the interpretation of the Koran, Muslim Canonical Jurisprudence and logic in three languages, some of which haven’t been found yet. His poems, which aren’t particularly literary or witty, feature plain language and are influenced by Sufism.     


Divan (Divan*, scientific edition by Mertol Tulum and M. Ali Tanyeri, 1977), Füsusü'l-Hikem Tercümesi (Translation of Enchantment of Wisdom, translation and explanation of the work by Muhyiddin Arabi), Keşfü'l-Hicab (Discovery of Shame), Netaicü'l-Vüzera ve Hasailü'l Ümera (The Consequences of the Viziers and the Character of Leaders, political book), Leyla ve Mecnun (Leila and Mejnun, poems in rhymed couplets), Hasbihal (Friendly Chat, poem in rhymed couplets), Hadis-i Erbain Tercümesi (Translation of the Forty Hadis*, prose).



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