Neveser Kökdeş


07 Temmuz, 1962
Notre Dame de Sion Fransız Kız High School

Composer (B. 1904, Drama – D. 7th July 1962, Istanbul). She was the sister of the composer Muhlis Sa­bahattin Ezgi. She studied in Notre Dame de Sion Fransız Kız High School. The artist, who started to take her first musical education in early ages from his father and his brother Muhlis Sabahattin, became a master in guitar and piano, and she gave concerts and made compositions. She started to make compositions at the age of twelve. She was also able to play the guitar, piano and drums. She also learned to play piano and she played in the Istanbul Radio for a while. She played the musical pieces of his brother Muhlis Sabahattin Ezgi, who was a composer of operetta, and she sang some of his musical pieces to gramophone records.

She composed light and melodic songs with the influence of western music. Most of them are still enjoyable to listen. She generally produced pieces in the forms of tango, waltz, operetta and songs. Her musical pieces started to be published after the death of his brother. She was widely criticized because of her style that was different from the traditional pattern and genre. She was characterized as the “queen of the tango songs” back in the days.

She was married to Mehmet Ali Üsküdarlı when she was sixteen years old. She became a widow during the second year of their marriage upon the death of her husband. She deceased at her home in 7th July 1962 because of cardiac insufficiency. It is guessed that she composed more than 500 musical pieces according to some sources and more than 1000 musical pieces according to others. However, since her last will was to have all her works burnt, it was only possible to reach to the notes of almost one hundred of them.

The best-loved and known compositions of the artist, who had a unique style, were the following: Sevmek seni bir suç ise(rast),Hayal ufkumda uçan binbir renkler(rast),Bir emele bin ah çeksem (segâh), Kuş olup uçsam sevgilimin diyarına (se­gâh),Gül dalında öten bülbülün olsam(hicazkâr),Sevdikçe seni ömrüm artar ey yâr (nihavent),Yıllardır bekliyorum bir gün gelirsin diye (nihavent),Canandan uzak kaldı gönül (kürdilihicazkâr), Bahar pem­be beyaz olur (mahur),Sevda seline ka­pıldı gönül (mahur).





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