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Mehmed (asıl adı), Nergis-zâde

Writer (b. 1592, Bosnia - d. 1635, Gebze / Kocaeli). His real name was Mehmed.  He completed his primary education in his hometown. Coming to İstanbul, he took special courses from Kafzade Feyzullah Efendi. After working as a teacher for some time, he worked as a Muslim judge in many places such as Gabela, Çaniçe (1614), Mostar (1629), Yeni Pazar 1921), Elbasan (1624-1625), Banaluka (1628) and Manastır (1632). While on campaign to Revan as a chronicler with Murad II he fell from his horse around Gebze and died.

He was one of the two writers who gave the most ornamented styles of Divan prose.  He wrote in a complex prose using unused or rarely used words of Arabic and Persian.  His texts are interesting in terms of the dilemma that prose brought in that century. His examples of 50 letters in Münşeat Mecmuası (Review of Letter Examples), in which he presented which standard words to use in letters to be written to bureaucrats and notables and for congratulatory messages, is an important historical document.  Perhaps his real importance is closing hamse (5 Mesnevi*s) writing which was written in classical type made up of rhymed couplets up to that century to prose writing.


Hamse (5 Mesnevi*s, the first book Nihalistan comprises collected stories.  There are stories about generosity, love, examples of good deeds, giving advice, goodness and repentance in the first book. The other four books: El-Kavlü'l Müselleme Fi Gazavati'l Mesleme-Explanation of Theory of Gazavatname* of Mesleme , Kanûnü'r Reşad - Laws of Reşad, Meşakü'l Uşşak-Hardness of People, İksir-i Saadet -Elixir of Happiness, Bulak, 1839, İstanbul), Münşeât (Compositions, written 1622), El-Vasfü'l Kâmil fi Ahvali'l Veziri'l Âdil (Narrates the life of Governor Budin Murtaza Paşa and his wars in Hungary), Horosname (Book of Horos, prose).



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