Nejat Uygur

Yönetmen, Tiyatro Oyuncusu, Oyuncu

09 Ağustos, 1927
20 Kasım, 2013

Stage and film actor, theatre director (b. 9 August 1927, Kilis  – d. 20 November 2013, İstanbul). Because his father was an officer, and mother was a teacher, he saw various cities and towns of Anatolia. He started doing theatre at shows he took part during the primary school years that he spent in Siirt, Ezine and İntepe. After graduating from secondary school in Sarıyer, Çanakkale and Manisa, he entered Istanbul Fine Arts Academy, Sculpture Department but could not graduate.

He was interested in athletics, water polo and equestrianism sports as well as boxing, which he started doing at Sarıyer Community Center in 1943. He acted as amateur actor at Theatre department of Sarıyer Community Center and Avni Dilligil Theatre for a period. He stepped into professional acting in 1949 by Nejat Uygur Theatre, which he established in his name. He married Necla Uygur in 1950. During their Anatolia tour taking thirteen years, five boys came into the world, Ahmet, Sühely and Suha who are twin brothers, Kemal and Behzat respectively. Süheyl and Behzat became theatre players by taking master-apprentice training from their father.

Nejat Uygur, who was serving the theatre with his wife and children for more than sixty years, developed a unique attitude in traditional Turkish show art. He made a name for himself by his light comedies that he created with a childish typing and word based acting as he was inspired by recent political events. He presented plays in the United States and Europe as well as Anatolia. On the other hand, Uygur, who broke new grounds on the stages, used the first “barcovision” in his play Hey Amigo Ver Salata, and in his play Ümit mi Simit mi? He used “stand-up” that became very popular in the following years.

He was hospitalized in 2007 while he was returning to Istanbul from a festival that he attended in Ankara. Although he stayed away from the usual stage environment during his long treatment, he clung to the life and performed plays with hospital staff.

Nejat Uygur, receiving the title of the State Artist in 1998 also won many award such as Belkıs Dilligil Honour Award (1999), Avni Dilligil Theatre Award (1999), Kemal Sunal Culture and Art Award (2006), Special Award for Supporting Year to Theatre (2007), Altın Kelebek TV Stars Award (2007).


SELECTIONS FROM HIS PLAYS: Zamsalak, Aman Özal Duymasın, Hastane mi Kestane mi, Minti Minti, Hanedan, Cibali Karakolu, Benim Annem Evden Neden Kaçtı,  Şeytandan 29 Gün Evvel Doğan Çocuk (Minti Minti 2), Hey Amigo Ver Salata, Ümit mi Simit mi?

FILMS HE PERFORMED: Cafer Bey (1970 ), Cafer Bey İyi, Fakir Ve Kibar (1971 ), Cafer'in Nargilesi (1974), Vizontele Tuuba ( 2004 ), Beyaz Melek (2007).




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