Necip Celal Antel



Composer (B. 1908, Istanbul – D.1957). He is the son of Mehmet Celalettin Bey, one of the former lecturers of Law Faculty and a Minister of Ottoman Empire. He started music at early ages taking violin lessons from Tahir Bey. After a disease he had at a young age he lost his vision. In Germany to where he went for the treatment of his eyes he became student of Prof. Habemann.

Antel was the first artist to compose tangos in Turkish and, he played the piano, accordion and end-blown flute expertly besides the violin. The composer who also tried classic works owes his fame to his tangos. He also succeeded in Turkish music with his song titled Geçti Sevdalarla Ömrüm, İhtiyar Oldum Bugün whose lyrics were written by Hüseyin Siret.


Sarı Yapıncak, Mazi, Ayrılık, Özleyiş (Sung by Evelyn Hoit on a gramophone record in German), Yıllar, Kimse Sevgimi Bilmez, Günler, Geçmiş Zaman Olur ki, Bir An için, Damla Damla, Gel, Benim Şarkım, Suna.







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