Nazlı Ecevit


04 Ocak, 1900
14 Ağustos, 1985
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts School Department of Painting

Painter (B. 4 January 1900, Istanbul – D. 14 August 1985, Ankara). She is the wife of politician and academic, Prof. Dr. Fahri Ecevit, mother of politician and former Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit. She came from a family with military background. She was an Istanbul lady. Her father is Colonel Emin Bey, her grandfather Ferik Salih Pasha. Her sister Ferhande Hanım is the second wife of İsmail Hakkı Bey, son of Tevfik Pasha who was the last grand vizier (Prime Minister) of Ottoman Empire. Hakkı Bey’s first wife was Sultan Vahdettin’s daughter Ulviye Sultan. Therefore Nazlı Ecevit has a kinship with Sultan Vahdettin even if a remote one. The father of Nazlı Hanım’s mother is Kirat Pasha who served as a servant to the Sultan. Her husband Ahmet Fahri Bey worked as a professor of forensic medicine in Ankara University, Faculty of Law. During the one-party-government of Cumhuriyet Halk Party (CHP) he became a parliament member from his hometown, Kastamonu (1943). However, he could not be elected in general election of 1950 in which the Democrat Party (DP) prevailed.         

Nazlı Ecevit completed Darülmuallimat (Teaching School for Girls) (1915) and İnas Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi (the Department of Painting in Fine Arts School for girls), which opened during the second constitutional period (1922). She was one of the first students of this school. In this sense, she is one of the firsts of Turkey as a woman painter. She served as a painting teacher in conservatories of Istanbul and Ankara for a long time. Besides she worked as a painting teacher in Ankara and Istanbul Girls High Schools (1922-41). She worked in workshops of Mihri Müşfik and Feyhaman Duran. Their influence is visible on the constitution of her realistic style with impressionist influence. She successfully put all styles into her toile. Between the years 1922-47 she gave a break to painting, but restarted it later. She joined almost all exhibitions of State Painting and Sculpture Museum between the years 1948-75 and her paintings were taken to this museum.

Nazlı Ecevit is known with her landscape, portrait or still life works. Her works usually are oil paint, watercolor, pastel and charcoal pencil works. She is especially famous with her oil-paint woman portraits, oil-paint Istanbul paintings and oil-paint landscapes. She was granted in 1975 (at her 75th age) a medal of success by the Directorate of Istanbul Archeology Museum in Open Air Painting-Sculpture and Ceramics Exhibition of Istanbul Festival. Aside from all these, she also found time to be a member and president in associations related to her profession. Nazlı Ecevit passed away in Ankara in 1985. Her paintings are present in numerous museums and special collections and draw attention in auction organizations. 

An oil painting by Nazlı Ecevit


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