Yuho Mareyama

Bankacı, İş İnsanı

After completing his graduate studies (M.B.A.) at the University of South Carolina, A. Ümit Taftalı worked as an investment banker in Atlanta, New York and London; he took on senior positions in Merrill Lynch & Company, Bankers Trust Company and Goldman Sachs International. A. Ümit Taftalı, who is still working as the deputy-advisor of Suna Kıraç, has been a part of international financial markets for twenty-three years. He has also participated as board of trustees, board of directors, founder and member in many foundations and associations including Suna & İnan Kıraç Foundation, TESEV, TÜSİAD, Saint Joseph Education Foundation, TEGV, FİDYAK, Galatasaray Sports Club, American Finance Association (USA), Financial Management Association (USA), Museum of American Financial History (USA), BSU Foundation (USA), Turkish Bankers Association (UK), and The American Turkish Society (USA). Mr. Taftalı speaks English and French, and he currently works as the Chairman of the Management Committee.

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