Bekir Berat Özipek

Profesör, Araştırmacı Yazar, Siyaset Bilimci, Akademisyen

Hacettepe University

A political science professor, scholar, author. Hacettepe University, Department of Public Administration graduated from. Her masters at the same university and his PhD at Ankara University, he completed.

Still a faculty member in the Department of Political Science and international relations at Istanbul Commerce University Dr. Ozipek, mainly in contemporary political theory, human rights and freedom of expression, academic freedom, and minority rights working in the field.

The first comprehensive academic study of conservatism in Turkey among the works related to conducting ozipek person, at the same time, his doctoral thesis, “conservatism: Mind, society, politics and his book, he was the editor of, and the article about academic freedom, “including the theoretical and practical dimensions of freedom of expression,” there is a book called.

REFERENCE: Bekir Berat Özipek (, 24.08.2017).


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