Hakan Emre Ziyagil

Aranjör, Udi

Ankara University

Oud artist and Arranger. Introduced to music by his father who was a piano instructor, Hakan grew up in an environment of many musical instruments around. Fretless instrument attract his attention the most.

At the age of 16 Hakan met the fretless guitar but his interest in Turkish music led him to the Oud. He then devoted his life for the Oud instrument and begins his academic studies at the Selcuk University State Conservatory.

in 1999 Hakan begins to explore new idea in music and became interested in ebow and fretless guitar techniques. Hakan developed his own studio to explore his new ideas using digital devices. His innovation in music and Oud music led him to record a 19-channel Oud recording music.

Born from a Turkish father and a Portuguese mother makes him interested in Flamenco guitar music that he learned deeply in Lisbon.

After many years of Targan studies at the conservatory and a deep knowledge in western music harmony, Hakan developed his own way in Oud music. He has a method of Oud playing to be published soon especially techniques regarding the plectrum usage.

"Emotion and expression return in different forms to us in Music, harmony, and notes". Embracing this philosophy, the pursuit of art is the project of his life. 

REFERENCE: Hakan Emre Ziyagil - Özgeçmiş (hakanemreziyagil.com.tr, 22.12.2016).


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