İsmayıl Hakkı Baltacıoğlu

Eğitimci, Siyasetçi, Yazar

28 Şubat, 1886
01 Nisan, 1978
İstanbul University School of Medicine
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İsmail Hakkı Baltacıoğlu

Educator (b. 1886, İstanbul – d. 1 April 1978, Ankara). He graduated from Vefa Secondary School (1903) and from İstanbul University, School of Medicine (1908). The day he graduated from high school, he became a secretary at the Imperial Council. He worked as a secretary at the Cannon Foundry and he lectured at the Teacher Training School for a while, then he was sent to France for pedagogy education. When he came back to Turkey in 1913, he was appointed as a professor of pedagogy at İstanbul University. He lectured there until 1933. He became the Dean of the Faculty of Arts four times. After this position he became the Councilor of Education and the Rector of İstanbul University as the first rector of the Republican Period (1913-1933). Later, he worked as a professor in the School of Fine Arts, Faculty of Theology and in the Faculty of Language, History and Geography (1934-42). In 1930, he was appointed to the directorate of Gazi Institute of Education in order to establish a modern school. His idea was to develop the institute as a “vocational school” from kindergarten to higher education. When his project was rejected by the Ministry, he turned to the University.

After educational reforms, he was not included on the university staff, so he began to publish the periodical Yeni Adam in January 1934. His articles, which were mostly about sociology and philosophy, were published in Yeni Adam and in other newspapers and periodicals. In 1939, he began to work as academician at Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography. In 1942, he was elected as a parliamentary deputy for Afyonkarahisar and he joined to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. In 1946, he was elected deputy for Kırşehir. Between the years 1942-57, he was the Head of the Terminology Section at the Turkish Language Association.

Baltacıoğlu wrote approximately one hundred works about sociology, psychology, philosophy, art, education, and also stories and plays. He defended westernization without distancing himself from national resources.


RESEARCH-STUDY: Talim ve Terbiye’de İnkılap (The Revolution in Instruction and Education, 1910), El İşlerinin Öğrenim Metodu (Handwork Learning Method, 1914), Terbiye Konferansları (Education Conferences, 1914), Terbiye ve İman (Education and Religion, 1915), Terbiye İlmi (The Science of Education, 1916), Maarifte Siyaset (Politics in Education, 1918), Kalbin Gözü (The Eye of the Heart, 1922), Rousseau'nun Terbiye Felsefesi (The Education Philosophy of Rousseau, 1925), Umumi Pedagoji (Public Pedagogy, 1930), Demokrasi ve Sanat (Democracy and Art, 1931), Özel Öğretim Metodları (Methods of Private Education, 1932), Terbiye (Education, 1932), Resim ve Terbiye (Painting and Education, 1932), İçtimaî Mektep (Social School, 1932), Mürebbilere (For Tutors, 1933), Tarih ve Terbiye (History and Education, 1933), Sanat (Art, 1934), Felsefe (Philosophy, 1938), Toplu Tedris (Mass Teaching, 1938), Tiyatro (Theatre, 1941), Türk'e Doğru (Towards the Turk, 1942), Batı'ya Doğru Okullar (Schools Towards the West, 1944), Öğretmen (Teacher, 1944), Çocukların Terbiyesi (The Education of Children, 1948), Rüyamdaki Okullar (Schools that I Dreamt, 1949), Gençler İçin En Büyük Tehlikeler (The Greatest Dangers For the Young, 1950), Kur'an Tercümesi (Translation of the Koran, 1957), Türklerde Yazı Sanatı (The Art of Writing in Turks, 1958), Büyük Tefsir (The Big Interpretation, 1964), Ziya Gökalp (Ziya Gökalp, 1966), Cinsel Eğitim (Sexual Education, 1967), Tarihe Doğru (Towards History, 1964), İzmir Konferansları (İzmir Conferences).

PLAY: İnanmak (To Believe, 1939), Ölüler (Deaths, 1939), Sait Çelebi (Sait Çelebi, 1939), Hayvanlar (Animals, 1939), Akıl Taciri (The Merchant of the Mind, 1940), Kafa Tamircisi (The Mind Fixer, 1940), Andaval Palas (Idiot Palace, 1940), Kütük (The Tree Trunk, 1946), Dolap Beygiri (The Work Horse, 1949), Karagöz Ankara'da (Karagöz in Ankara, 1949), Küçük Şehit (Little Martyr, 1961).

SHORT STORY: Yalnızlar (Lonely Ones, 1942).

NOVEL: Batak (The Bog, 1942).



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