Selahaddin Eş

Gazeteci, Yazar

Istanbul University Faculty of Law
Diğer İsimler
S. Muradbeyli, Selahaddin E. Çakırgil, E. Selâhaddin

Journalist and writer (b. 1948 -in Identity Card 1942-, Muradbeyli village / Kavak / Samsun). He used the pen names S. Muradbeyli, Selahaddin E. Çakırgil, E. Selâhaddin, because of legal problems. He attended primary school in other village, because there was not a school in his own village, and secondary school in Kavak. After graduating from Ankara Health Vocational School to which he entered with the help of his fellow countryman, famous wrestler Yaşar Doğu, he worked in the laboratories of various hospitals. He graduated from high school in 1967 giving the different lectures externally and İstanbul University, Faculty of Law in 1973. After 1965, he wrote for the newspapers Yeni İstanbul, Sabah and Bugün. After the 12 March Military Coup, he wrote for the newspaper Bâb-ı Âli'de Sabah and weekly newspapers Ufuk and Sebil. He was sentenced to fourteen months’ imprisonment by the Penal Code 163 because of his articles in Millî Gazete to which he transferred at the end of 1974. He served his sentence in Paşakapısı, Şile and Gebze prisons between 1977 and 1978.

After releasing, he continued writing in the reviews Sebil and Şûrâ. He undertook the responsibility actively the reviews Tevhîd and Hicret, which were among the famous Islamic reviews of the period 1978-80. He was tried for more than thirty cases because of opposition the code 163 in the High Criminal Courts; was sentenced for fifteen years imprisonment as final decisions of three cases. While these decisions were in appellate review, 12 September Military Coup occurred and he went abroad.

He prepared Turkish programs in the Voice of Islamic Republic Radio in Iran where he settled. He undertook the post of publishing the Turkish reviews and newspapers Kudüs Yolu, İslam Çağrısı and Kayhan, he wrote articles in these newspapers. In these years, his articles were published in the review Tevhîd and the newspaper Selâm in Turkey. He wrote for the European editions of the newspapers Millî Gazete and then Vakit in Germany where he immigrated in 1999. He has many works ready for publishing.


Kavşak Noktasında Türkiye'nin Siyasî Görünüşü (Political Appearance of Turkey in the Crossroad, 2 volumes, 1977), Müslüman Türkiye Mücadelemiz (Our Struggle for Muslim Turkey, 1977).




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